• Civil liability
  • Insurance
  • Class action suits
  • Extraordinary remedies
  • Commercial litigation
  • Construction
  • Estates
  • Medical and hospital responsibility
  • Disciplinary
  • Municipal
  • Remedies of all types

Being faced with a lawsuit is never a pleasant prospect and can create considerable worry. When you find yourself in this situation, it is important to surround yourself with professionals you can count on for peace of mind and help bringing about a successful outcome.

Cain Lamarre has forged a highly enviable reputation in litigation of all types.Our case preparation, practical approach, and first-rate representation have earned us the respect of judges and decision-makers at every level of the legal systems.

Highly skilled in the strategy and art of persuading judicial bodies and arbitration boards of the soundness of their clients’ claims, our trial lawyers are, in a way, our frontline legal officers.

We have a core of highly qualified professionals with a common objective—to share their expertise with our clients by providing assistance and advice on how to avoid disputes, manage them when they do arise, and handle them when they become unavoidable. From the newest recruit to the most seasoned of the team, our lawyers employ precise and thorough strategies tailored to your needs, at every stage of the way. Excellence, precision, and an ability to anticipate are all qualities our professionals strive for.

Cain Lamarre places special emphasis from the word go on acquiring a thorough understanding of your company, organization, or institution and your sector of activity so we can propose an approach custom tailored to your situation. By getting to know your operations, culture, and needs, we are able to determine from which angle to tackle the litigation—an essential starting point for future actions.

From there, we create multidisciplinary client teams to match the objectives and practices of your company, as warranted. Once we have a handle on your world, we can provide you with all the legal know-how, versatility, insight into the Quebec and Canadian economies, and availability you need.

Versatility is also central to our success. Versatility in many fields. Versatility in every area. Versatility in terms of clients. Versatility in terms of jurisdictions. And versatility in terms of the regions we serve—.

Our expertise also covers complicated disputes requiring extensive documentary evidence and multi-day hearings. With our 18 offices and mobile team, we can go anywhere in Quebec to handle any dispute with no problem.

Alternative dispute resolution methods

Since we are well aware that most of our clients would rather avoid going to court, we regularly provide advice on the various types of dispute resolution that can be envisaged, and generally how best to structure businesses to minimize or avoid altogether the many pitfalls involved in litigation and legal recourse.